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She soothingly talks to you, encouraging you to relax and surrender to her and when you do, it pays off big time. First the teen cock stroker licks your cock up and down while her fist circles your cock head and her finger tips caress the most sensitive part of your dick. She inhales your scent and slurps up your pre-cum and then she shoves the tip of your cock in her mouth. Watching Tara Ashley focus on your pulsating tip is enough to push you over the edge but you hold on.

Your body trembles each time her tongue hits the rim of your cock head and when she finds your sweet spots, she pops your dick out of her mouth and uses her thumb and fingers to apply pressure on those spots, causing you to spasm as a load rushes through your balls. Tara Ashley is insanely good at coaxing cum out of your dick that after just a few minutes of her stroking your dick head, a massive load comes shooting out of your prick.


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