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You tense up in anticipation of whats to come the minute you spot Gina Valentina playing with her shaved snatch in this new video from She licks her fingers and runs them up against her clit while pulling her pussy lips back, and watching her do this gets your dick hard. The gorgeous dark haired vixen likes the sight of your bulge so she makes her way to where you’re laying and plants a small kiss on the tip of your throbbing cock. You almost ejaculate at her touch and this makes her smile but she’s not ready for you to cum yet.

Gina Valentina Porn

First she wants to taste you and she does that by sinking her mouth down to your dick and licking it from side to side, leaving no spot on your manhood untouched and unexplored. She knows all your sweet sensitive spots and she intends to hit them in a bid to get you to cum for her, but all in due time. Gina Valentina is in no hurry and this is evident in the way she slowly sucks your dick while looking up at you. She craves your approval and your pulsating dick threatening to explode in her mouth is proof that she’s doing a great job.

She pops her mouth off your dick and mounts you, rubbing her hairless pussy all over your cock but never letting you inside her. Then she sticks out her round booty and flirtatiously rubs your dick in between her ass cheeks before getting back on her knees and sucking you off all over again. Then Gina Valentina pleads with you to cum for her but she doesn’t have to plead for long because your dick is primed and ready to burst and once she increases the pace of her sucking and stroking, a stream of cum comes gushing out of your cock!


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