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Hand most teens a cock and chances are they’d fumble and panic without the slightest clue what to do with it but not Iris Rose. She’s a consummate cock sucker who has never come across a cock she hasn’t wanted to pop into her mouth and suck dry. Her love for sucking cock extends to balls as well and you get to watch her lick Brad’s balls, suck his cock and eat his cum in this super stunning POV blowjob videos from

Iris Rose belongs to a league of her own because she’s capable of doing things with her mouth that most girls would never dream of doing. She meets up with Brad and immediately gets naked, sliding in between his wide spread legs and immediately dominating his cock with her hand and mouth. The blonde hottie twirls her pierced tongue around his erect throbbing cock teasing the head mercilessly with the tip of her tongue as she licks up every drop of pre-cum streaming from his cock.

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Then she takes her time slowly but sensually sucking on the upper part of his cock. His cock head disappears into her wet mouth and her tongue tickles the extra sensitive part of his cock until Brad moans out loud. Then Iris Rose works her tongue from the tip of the hard cock to the balls which she sucks hard before working her way back to the top where she fastens her mouth on Brad’s cock and doesn’t let go until bubbles of cum form out of his cock. Watching her slurp up the cum with her tongue and then whirling it around in her mouth will have you exploding in your pants!


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