Cali Carter Works Her Mouth Magic On You


One thing’s for sure – Cali Carter doesn’t play when it comes to sucking cock. Her mouth game is A+ and she makes sure you know this when you hook up with her in this video from This stunning babe has never half-assed a blowjob in her life and she’s not about to start with you. She slides in between your stretched out legs and teases your mouth with her tongue as her hand explores the rest of your shaft. She intends to take her sweet time with you and you have no option but to play along.

First things first, Cali Carter’s tongue trails the length of your cock. She inhales in the scent of your manhood and the involuntary twitch that rips through your body brings a smile to her face. She knows that she has you exactly where she wants you so she slowly starts stroking your prick. Her nails dig into your sweet spots causing you to moan and jerk forward and then to maximize the intensity, Cali sucks on the tip of your cock while tugging you at the same time.

You think things can’t get any better than they already are but then Cali Carter takes off her bra and her big boobs bounce in your face. You want to reach out and touch them but she playfully pulls back and instead brings her mouth and hand back to your cock. Today is all about you. She wants to work her mouth magic on you and that’s exactly what she does! Her teasing, sucking and stroking don’t stop until a huge load shoots out of your freshly sucked big dick!


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