Elsa Jean : Touchless Orgasm



Your focus is on Elsa Jean as she licks your cock up and down in a bid to make you cum. She teases your most sensitive spots with her tongue and your knees buckle under you as you try to hold back the orgasm building up inside you. The gorgeous blonde holds your pulsating dick steady and kisses the head, slobbering all over it and leaving a trail of saliva as she sucks you off and watching her swallow the mixture of her saliva and your precum gets you even harder than before.

Leave it to Elsa Jean of to make a glistening cock look hot. She licks your cock up and down while looking you straight in the eye as she dares you to cum for her. Anticipation builds up inside you as her tongue swirls around your throbbing rock solid cock and you almost erupt when she rubs her moist shaved twat up against the bare flesh of your cock. This cock teaser is determined to make your cock explode and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

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Her mouth curves into a circle as it descends down on your cock and soon enough she’s cramming as much of your dick as she can into her wet orifice. She does it so slowly that it takes everything in you not to burst your nut right on the spot and Elsa Jean knows what kind of effect her sucking has on you which is why she seductively continues to suck you off very slowly, using lots of saliva, until you let go and erupt for and on her.


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