How Do Cam Models Professionally Choose Sexy High Heels?


There’s something insanely seductive about high heels. Whether it’s the classy high heels your average secretary wears or the audacious see-through stripper heels wrapped around the petite feet of a pornstar, it’s age-old footwear that never fails to get dicks hard. Naturally, this means it’s the go-to footwear of choice for many modern cam models on live sex sites.

After all, the right outfit can make or break a cam model’s performance; many can be seen wearing everything from stripper heels to Christian Loubitons. But with so many high heels out there, how does an everyday cam model decide on the type of shoes to wear in her shows?

Today, I will give you an insider insight into the world of high heels, and free sex cams shows and cover how cam models choose the right footwear for a day of hot and steamy work in front of their adoring fans. Whether you’re a cam girl or a cam site user who goes weak at the knees at the sight of a horny girl clad in heels, this is the article for you.

What Kind of High Heels do Cam Girls Wear?

The array of footwear worn in live sex cam shows can vary dramatically. Most cam girls are innovative, which extends to their fashion choices. To give you an idea of the most common types of footwear cam girls wear these days, I looked at the various exciting feeds to see what was on offer!

Pornstar Heels

To add that porn-like feeling to their shows, many cam models slide into dramatically high and audaciously see-through high heels that look like they’ve been borrowed from a porn shoot. These are often called stripper heels, pleaser heels or, more bluntly, pornstar heels. They’re not very beginner-friendly, but they never fail to make men go crazy with lust, and they screen sluttiness!

Latex Heels or Boots

The sleek, shiny and alluring texture of latex has been a prominent feature in the adult industry for decades. It brings out a woman’s best features, lures men like a magpie to silver, and, most importantly, it’s easy to wipe down and clean when things get messy! On many free teen cams, you can often find models clad in latex heels or boots and sending their fans wild!

Leopard Print Heels

Old-school leopard print is often associated with slutty and sleazy behaviour, making it the perfect footwear for the many kinky models on an average cam site. This is easily one of the most common forms of high heels you’ll see in the live sex cam industry.

Classy Secretary Heels

Whilst the pornstar heels and leopard print brand a girl as a slut from the get-go, some guys love the classier type of girl who looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth until she starts ravaging her holes with an array of sex toys. This means that your sleek, black high heels, often seen being worn by everyday office workers and secretaries, are massively common on sex cam sites too.

Now you have the gist of the most common heels being worn, let’s look at the top tips for a cam girl to follow when choosing a new pair of heels for her show!

Top Tips For Cam Girls Choosing High Heels For Their Shows!

Next, I want to introduce you to my top pieces of advice for cam girls to take heed of when picking a new pair of high heels to include in their sexy shows!

Picking the Right Size is Crucial

When you’re buying a new pair of high heels for your cam show, they must be slightly bigger than your usual size. You will be wearing these shoes for long periods, so a solid tip is to fill the gap between your toes and the end of the shoes with silicone padding. Not only do they give you more stability (perfect for those awkward sex positions), but they also significantly boost your comfort level.

Don’t Underestimate the Position of the Heel

Feet should neither be constrained too much in shoes nor should the shoes be too loose. Your feet should simply be fixed in the shoe. In order to understand how comfortable a selected pair of shoes is for you, don’t feel lazy or awkward about walking a little more when trying them on. Also, pay attention to the position of the heel — it shouldn’t be “curved” — turned outward or inward. If it is, these shoes will cause too many issues when wearing them and will break down really fast too.

Get to Grips With Different Types of Toe Boxes

A toe box is the front section of a high heel where your pretty lil’ toes sit. They can vary dramatically from shoe to shoe, and there are square, round, pointy, and many other types. Picking the right type is important for your comfort.

Sadly, the type of toe box seen as the most uncomfortable is the one that is the most stylish and the most common favourite amongst women worldwide: pointed stilettos! These shows make your legs look longer and accentuate outfits like a charm, but they’re so damn uncomfortable for long periods!

So, always take the type of toe box on a heel seriously and never prioritise style over comfort, or you can seriously damage your feet.

In Summary, The Right Heels Can Make or Break a Cam Show

Those viewing sexy female cams often go dizzy for a horny woman in seductive heels, and they can be the key ingredient that can make a cam show the prime adult entertainment of choice for thousands and keep a girl’s fans returning time after time.

However, choosing the wrong heels can also damage a cam girl, both physically and virtually, via her cam show. But by following the advice in this guide and using the right kind of heels like a weapon to make your feet irresistible to men, you’ll go far!

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