Slow Sucking Session With Lovita Fate


A girl as wholesome as Lovita Fate has no business whoring out her mouth like she does in this scene from and yet here we are. This blue eyed blonde shows up ready to play with fierce determination in her eyes. She’s not wearing a bra so when her pink top comes off, your eyeballs are treated to her beautiful small perky tits. This gets you hard instantly. And when Lovita sensually caresses her own rack, you spring a leak in anticipation. That precum is her cue to move closer to your dick so that’s exactly what she does.

From a far, your dick looks manageable to her but once up close and personal, Lovita Fate realizes that she’s completely outmatched. You’re huge. You’re definitely way bigger than she anticipated but she loves a challenge. That explains why she goes mouth first at your dick head. For a second there, it seems like your dick is about to burst her mouth wide open. She crams as much of it as she can into her mouth and her eyes light up she tastes your inches. Your dick is the biggest tool to ever cruise into her mouth but Lovita loves having it inside her.

She slobbers all over it and spits on it while looking up at you. You don’t say a word but Lovita Fate doesn’t need you to say a thing to her. All she needs is the throbbing dick in her hand. She alternates between sucking and stroking your dick. At one point, the sexy babe even attempts doing both at the same time. That dual cock teasing pushes you to the finish line and Lovita uses her hands to finish you off.

Lovita Fate from Tease POV
Lovita Fate from Tease POV
Lovita Fate from Tease POV
Lovita Fate from Tease POV

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