Raquel Roper Teases you Past the Edge


Raquel Roper Teasing Handjob and BlowjobRaquel Roper knows that slow and steady sucking is what it’ll take to get you to burst your nut so that’s exactly what she gives you in this cock sucking episode from This gorgeous brunette uses her big brown eyes to draw you in and hold you captive as she strips off her clothes and describes exactly what she plans to do to you with her mouth. There is no doubt that she intends to mouth fuck you until every last bit of cum shoots out of your dick!

Wearing just a bra and panties, the very naughty Ms. Roper reaches for your dick and licks it side to side and from the tip to the balls while seductively looking up at you. She knows just how irresistible her tongue is and she shamelessly uses it to dominate your sensitive cock head as she slurps up all the precum sipping out of your cock. Then she very slowly resumes licking your now fully erect penis sending shivers down your spine as you try and hold back the orgasm building up inside you.

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No words need to be said as Raquel Roper grips your saliva-soaked cock and starts jerking it in a bid to make you cum hard. The sound her hands make as the strokes your cock up and down is music to your ears and the exact motivation you need to let loose and give her what she wants. When you don’t cum for her, she pops the head of your cock into her mouth and sucks it hard while simultaneously jerking the length of your shaft until jizz comes shooting out!


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