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Your legs quiver uncontrollably as Christina Shine dominates your cock with her mouth in this video. She’s got impeccable cock sucking skills and she’s determined to vacuum every last bit of jizz from your pulsating cock using nothing but her tongue and very warm mouth. The tatted up blonde hottie strokes your big dick with one hand while sucking your cock head and then licks your prick up and down before showing your balls some love. By the time she’s down with you, a massive load of cum is spurting from your throbbing, freshly sucked cock.

Christina Shine wants to make you cum really hard but since she’s the queen of tease, she’s determined to do things her own way which means stroking your shaft with one hand while the other hand focuses on your balls. She fondles you to the point of explosion but just as you’re about to cum, the naughty blonde cock sucker pops your prick into her mouth and sucks it hard.

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The taste of your cum drives her wild and she sucks you off harder and harder. She gets off on watching you squirm as her tongue hits the most sensitive spots on your erect cock and she takes things to a whole other level when she sinks her mouth down to your balls sucking them hard before working her way back to your extra sensitive mushroom head. A few slow teasing sucks later and a monster load of cum comes piling out of your cock much to Christina Shine’s delight!


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