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A light kiss on your hard shaft from Lexi Luna’s soft lips is enough to send you over the edge but you hold back and dig your fingers into the covers as her mouth hovers over your cock head. You feel her warm breath over your cock the closer her open mouth gets to it and when she grabs your dick and strokes the back of it with her thumb just as her mouth closes over the tip of your cock, you almost nut in her mouth. She loves playing head games and in this new episode of, she’s playing with your cock so lay back and let her work her magic on your cock.

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Braless and ready to suck your cock, Lexi Luna slides in between your legs and looks up at you as she wraps her lips around your cock. She takes her sweet time sucking you off slowly as she strokes the base of your cock. Every stroke from her gets you harder and it takes everything in you not to erupt each time she strokes your shaft while her tongue glides around your cock head.

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Her tongue makes a trail from the head to your balls which she gently sucks on before following the trail back to the top. In true Lexi Luna style, she intends to finish you off with her mouth but at her own pace so she holds your cock firm, squeezing it hard as she shoves it inside her warm mouth. Her head game is strong as she moves in for the grand finale and she doesn’t disappoint because moment later, you give in and spurt out buckets of cum.


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