Delayed Pleasure With Dani Blu


Spitting, slapping and ball sucking. Dani Blu does it all in this brand new scene from TeasePOV. This teen cutie looks so innocent as she peels off her outfit and bra but once she gets down in between your legs, Ms. Innocent turns into Ms. Nasty. You wouldn’t have it any other way of course so you lay back and await whatever oral surprise the pint sized babe has for you. Oh, Dani has got quite a few surprises up her sleeve. The first one is that she intends to make you wait for the satisfaction you crave. To her, there’s nothing more powerful than dishing out a heavy dose of delayed pleasure to you.

But Dani Blu intends to have as much fun as she can with you dick and that starts with some really rough play. The stunning brunette pops her tongue out of her mouth and slaps our semi-limp cock on it. This gets your attention. Then she dives in for a quick but firm suck. That definitely gets your dick’s attention. It hardens up and Dani smiles. She loves the direction this is headed. She sucks your head and then dives further down to your balls for a quick nibble.

Your butt clenches and your thighs tremble as Dani Blu focuses on your balls. Her hands stay firmly glued to your cock though and when she’s done with the balls, this sexy teen spits on your dick and then slaps the shit out of it. Unexpected? Kind of but you love it. Dani gets a kick out of watching your reaction to her nastiness. She spits on your dick, slaps it some more and even repeatedly sucks on your balls but her most passionate sucking is reserved for your dick. The skilled teen sucks you off so good that you have no option but to explode on her tongue!

Dani Blu from Tease POV
Dani Blu from Tease POV

Dani Blu from Tease POV

Dani Blu from Tease POV

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