Dava Foxx: Lustful Sucking


There’s nothing sexier than a horny nerd who wants your cock as badly as Dava Foxx does in this hot video from The slender brunette doesn’t even have time to make small talk with you and instead dives right into your crotch and immediately starts showing your dick some love right from the get go. She knows exactly what she needs to do to get you to nut hard but she also wants to enjoy the journey to cum-dom so she takes her sweet time sucking your dick and stroking it tenderly until she’s ready for you cum.

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Dava Foxx is in no hurry to make you cum. She’s having way too much fun just teasing you with her mouth, tongue and hands. She uses all three at the same time to suck and tug you off in a way that leaves you no option but to want to cum hard for her. Her eyes remain fixed on you as both her hands twist and turn around your prick. She tickles your sensitive mushroom head with her tongue and then feverishly rubs the sensitive spot behind your dick with her thumb until a huge load comes shooting of your cock!


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