Cali Carter Brings You To The Edge Of An Intense Orgasm With Her Mouth


Cali Carter takes one look at you and she instantly knows how badly you crave a release so she crawls in between your legs and takes possession of your prick in this scene from She tenderly massages your cock with her finger tips and her hardening nipples convey the excitement building up inside her as she feels your cock stiffening right in front of her eyes. She gets moist in between her legs when your cock stands erect before her and she can’t help but slowly lower her head until her mouth is wrapped around the tip of your cock.

This stunning blonde with big tits looks deep into your eyes as she tastes your cock for the first time and the glint in her eyes says she likes how your cock tastes so she sinks her mouth even further on it until most of it is swimming in the warmth of her mouth. Your toes curl each time your cock hits the roof of her mouth and it takes everything in you not to nut on the spot. As if reading your mind, she pulls your cock out of her mouth and runs her tongue up and down the most sensitive part of your shaft bringing you even closer to the edge of explosion.

With her eyes still firmly glued to you, Cali Carter plants small kisses all over your throbbing cock and even goes all the way down to your balls, licking them thoroughly before her tongue makes its way back up to your pulsating cock head. By the time she makes her way up to the tip of your cock, you’re ready to explode and one last thorough sucking from her warm mouth is all it takes to drive you over the brink and give you the intense orgasm you badly crave!


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