Cali Carter Brings You Over the Brink With Her Mouth


Cali Carter salivates at the sight of your dick because she’s been waiting to pop it into her mouth and taste it and that happens in this episode from The gorgeous babe with big tits lightly runs her fingers along your dick, sending shivers up your spine with each time her fingers make contact with your skin. She wants you as badly as you want her and the way she looks into your eyes right before she takes your cock into her mouth almost drives you over the brink!

Cali Carter Porn

She plants a kiss on your throbbing dick head before running her tongue around the rim of your tip and then she strokes the length of your shaft as she continues to kiss your dick. This sexy cock sucker is such a tease and she intends to take her time in getting you where you want to be. She slows moves from the head to your balls, sliding her tongue along the back side of your dick until her nose is buried deep in your balls. Then she resurfaces as she playfully bites the meaty part of your cock while working her mouth back up to your cock head.

No one is better at mouth pleasuring than Cali Carter and this is evident as she works your cock from top to bottom with her mouth, over and over again. Then she strokes your dick, squeezing it hard while seducing you with her eyes and daring you to cum. The strokes bring you closer to the edge of orgasm but it’s her mouth that eventually gets you over the finish line!


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