AJ Applegate and Bailey Brooke: A Tale of Two Blondes and One Dick


aj applegate and bailey brookeWhat’s better than two hot blondes making out with each other? Two drop dead gorgeous blonde babes latched onto your hard prick which happens in a very vivid high def video at On one side we have AJ Applegate and on the other, Bailey Brooke. Their warm mouths can’t get enough of your hard manhood. They lick it up and down, leaving their saliva all over it and then they take turns sucking you off and pampering your prick with their mouths and hands until you can’t help but explode!

AJ Applegate is one of those girls who loves girls so when she meets up with Bailey Brooke, the chemistry is off the chains. They kiss and rub their bare titties together while you watch and seeing them be so intimate with each other turns you on big time. The naughty blondes notice the rigid dick in your pants so they decide to take care of it for you. They get on their knees with their mouths down and big asses up in the air and slowly but sensually start servicing you with their mouths. AJ takes the head and nibbles on it ever so gently while Bailey focuses her tongue on your balls.

This is all too much for you to handle and you come so close to nutting but the slutty babes won’t let you. They’re still having fun with your dick and they intend to make the fun last for as long as possible! The beautiful Bailey Brooke gets first dibs on giving you a solo mouth performance and she does a fantastic job of getting you closer to the edge and then she turns and rubs her wet snatch on your balls while AJ Applegate sucks you off. This makes you lose all control and when you feel the orgasm building up inside you, you aim your dick at the pretty cock suckers and cum all over them!


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