Candice Dare Teases You With Minimal Touch

Candice Dare flashing her titsAnticipation is the name of the game when Candice Dare gets near your cock in this new episode from You don’t know if she’s going to make you cum with her soft mouth or by jerking you off with her hands and she doesn’t clue you in on what she intends to do. Instead the gorgeous blonde with small tits teases your cock by stroking it lightly while looking up at you right before she extends her caressing to your balls. She knows the light stroking drives you nuts but she keeps at it hoping to drive you over the edge.

Candace Dare Porn

This slender blonde beauty deserves an A+ for her stroking and another A+ for her teasing especially since she keeps you guessing as to what her next move will be. She blows on your cock right before sliding it inside her wet mouth, then she pulls it out and slowly circles the sensitive head with her tongue as she rubs your cock up and down. Candice Dare can feel you tensing up as you try to fight back the orgasm building up inside you and this excites her.

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She yanks her mouth off your dick and spreads her legs wide open bringing your dick right up to her snatch. She lets you feel the warmth radiating from her moist womanhood as she slowly strokes your throbbing cock in between her legs. The confident look on her face shows she knows she’s got you right where she needs you to be so she increases the pace of her stroking and doesn’t let up until you reward her with a monster load of cum!


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