Kimmy Granger Brings You to the Edge With Her Mouth


Kimmy Granger of posingIf you had any doubts about what Kimmy Granger can do with her mouth, she erases them in this stunning video from when she takes your cock and slowly but sensually teases it with her hands and mouth until you can’t take it any more. She’s running the show here and she gets a kick out of watching how you react to her sucking and stroking. The leggy brunette even reaches underneath and shows your balls some much needed love before ultimately committing to stroking and licking your dick until you nut for her.

Kimmy Granger is a woman on a mission. She wants to tease your cock with just her mouth until she gets you to the edge and then eventually past the edge. She’s in no hurry so she strips naked and rubs her titties while you watch her and with your eyes still fixed on her, she sinks down to her knees and reaches for your prick. Her hand starts at your balls and travels up to your throbbing head. She can see you aching to have her lips on your dick head and your impatience makes her smile.

The gorgeous babe takes her sweet time by first planting kisses all over your shaft while rubbing it tenderly before her mouth claims ownership of your dick and she swallows your manhood. Kimmy Granger definitely lives up to her reputation as she slowly sucks you off while looking up at you. At one point she pulls her mouth from your dick and wraps both her hands around it, twisting it in a bid to make you spurt your load. Then she twirls her tongue around your pulsating dick head before spitting on it. She rubs her spit into your ripe cock using fast strokes and that’s what pushes you over the edge causing you to shoot out a monstrous load of cum!


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