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Bobbi Dylan is a hot piece of ass but did you know that she’s hella good with her mouth too? In case you didn’t know, she wants you to get acquainted with her mouth as she works it up and down your hard rod in this really hot point of view blowjob video from The gorgeous babe wants to control you through your cock and because you’re a sucker for a pretty girl who knows how to use her mouth, you surrender to her and let her have her way with you.

Sucking you off is a game to her. She wants to see how long it’ll take you to nut but she also wants to control when you cum. When Bobbi Dylan said she wanted total control over your body, she was serious. She’s eager to show you what her mouth can do so she pops her perky titties out of her lingerie and caresses them while you watch. Then she slides over to where you are and gives your prick a long, slow wet kiss. This is their introduction to each other and then its off to the races.

The pretty brunette sucks you long and hard for a while and then briefly takes her mouth off your dick to stroke it as her mouth travels further down to your balls. All the while, Bobbi Dylan maintains eye contact with you and watching your reaction to her sucking and tugging turns her own big time. She smiles when you moan and when her tongue and fingers hit a particular spot and you moan, she does what caused that reaction all over again. You’ve never had anyone suck you off the way this little nympho does and when she’s through with you, she generously grants you permission to cum all over her lips and chin. She even swallows some of your creamy jizz!


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