Deep Sucking with Roxy Ryder


For Roxy Ryder, the only acceptable way to drain a dick is through deep and sensual sucking. The teen sensation makes herself comfortable between your knees and smiles seductively as she grabs hold of your dick. She starts with a slow stroking to familiarize herself with your dick. When she’s content that its expanded to its max, Roxy pops your tip in her mouth. She savors the taste of your manhood as her hand explodes the rest of your hard wood. You don’t know it yet but you’re in for the sucking of your life.

From the tip, Roxy Ryder works her mouth down to your entire dick. She expertly slobbers all over your big dick and moans as inch after inch disappears in her mouth. While her mouth is fixed on your dick, her eyes remain focused on you. Nothing turns this pierced hottie on more than watching your reaction to her intense sucking. Every clench and gasp from you makes Roxy suck your dick even harder. She wants you to cum for her and she won’t stop blowing you until you do. Her jaws are in for a work out though because you don’t intend to cum any time soon.

The toned babe doesn’t mind if you take the longer route to cumsville, she’s just content to have your dick in her mouth. Roxy Ryder is a size queen and having your monstrous dick throbbing against her tongue is the stuff her dreams are made of. She spits on your dick and rubs the saliva all over it before she resumes her sucking. Then, as if sensing that you’re close to explosion, Roxy strokes your huge dick really fast causing you to explode crazy hard!

Roxy Ryder from Tease POV
Roxy Ryder from Tease POV
Roxy Ryder from Tease POV
Roxy Ryder from Tease POV

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