Alecia Fox: Tender Touch And Tease


Sexy hair flips and deep sucking. That’s what you can expect from Alecia Fox. The stunning Euro babe oozes sex appeal and while she loves to tease you with her slender body, right now she’s more focused on your big dick. She struts into the room in a golden robe but stops dead in her tracks when she spots your cock. Its big and hard. It’s also standing tall. This gets her attention. Alecia can never say no to an erect penis so she flips her hair back and suggestively looks at you with her big eyes.

When you grant her permission to approach your prick, Alecia Fox sinks down to her knees and tenderly touches the base of your rock hard shaft. A smile creeps up on the corners of her mouth. Then her tongue slithers out of her mouth and runs all over the tip of your dick. Feeling the metal in her tongue hit your sweet spot almost makes you blow your load. But Alecia is just getting started and she’s not ready for you to nut just yet. She moves on from your dick head down to the middle and then to the bottom.

One thing’s for sure – this babe is not afraid to explore every inch of your manhood. And, she does it all while looking directly at you. This turns you on and she knows it. Another hair flip and even more sucking later and Alecia Fox is ready to switch things up. She’s now ready for you to cum for her. So, she moans as she uses a combination of sucking and stroking to get you to nut. It works. Before you know it, you’re moaning along with her and finally giving her exactly what she wants.

Alecia Fox from Tease POV
Alecia Fox from Tease POV
Alecia Fox from Tease POV
Alecia Fox from Tease POV

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