Parker Swayze Torments You With Her Tongue


Parker Swayze Blowjob porn sucking video gifMouth open, tongue out and eyes fixated on your cock is just how Parker Swayze kicks things off with you in this episode from The blonde cock sucker settles in between your legs and gets to work on your cock with nothing but her hands and mouth and the second she gets her first taste of you, your cock twitches uncontrollably. She slowly glides her fingers up and down your cock while her tongue flicks over your sensitive cock head. Her mouth domination knows no boundaries and she’s determined to suck you off until you burst a nut for her!

Parker Swayze slides in between your wide spread legs and your knees buckle as her mouth meets your cock. She stares deep into your eyes as she torments the tip of your cock with her tongue. The blonde goddess has never looked better than she does with your man meat in her mouth and she knows it which is why she puts on a heck of a performance just for you. She simultaneously strokes your cock while sucking it hard and smiles as your cock grows larger and harder.

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Then she pulls back and runs her finger tips all over your cock sending shivers up your spine right before her sucking resumes. She wants you to burst a nut and burst it hard but you’re not ready to cum yet. Your hesitation forces her to wrap her mouth around your cock one last time, sucking with all her might until a monster creamy load comes gushing out of you!


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