Kylie Page: Synchronous Sucking


Give Kylie Page one cock to suck on and tease thoroughly with her mouth and she’ll be in heaven. Give her two cocks to simultaneously control through blowing and stroking and she’ll be in paradise as is the case in this new video from where the blonde goddess leaps into action and works two big erect dicks with her mouth and hands, bringing them to the brink of explosion only to slow down and take her time until she gets to decide when the cocks should burst. It’s a fun double blowjob POV scene that will have you blowing your own load in no time at all.

Kylie Page

Kylie Page has a penchant for sucking cock so when she lands her hands on two cocks at the same time, she’s beyond thrilled and very eager to show off what she can really do with her mouth and hands. She settles in between the two cocks and sensually rubs them both down before her mouth takes claim of the first dick. While her mouth drools all over the dick on the right, her hand feverishly strokes the dick on the left and then she effortlessly switches between the two cocks, making sure to give both the attention they deserve.

Her pussy tingles as pre-cum drips from the two cocks and she glides one in between her soft big boobs while dominating the other one with her mouth. It’s a three-way straight from her naughty wet dreams and it’s playing out exactly the way she imagined it would. She tit fucks, sucks and strokes both cocks until they’re primed and ready to burst, then and only then does Kylie Page let them spurt out their jizz.


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