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Joseline Kelly: Intensive Feeling
Featuring Joseline Kelly
Joseline Kelly goes down from the tip of the cock to the base, very slowly and well lubed. She jerks your cock slowly and with passion. Your ready to explode but the moment she wraps her warm lips around your throbbing cockhead, you almost shoot your load, over the edge and she brings you back. Joseline wont stop until the point you lose total control and shoot your warm white semen inside her pretty little mouth and tongue.
Date icon December 21, 2016
Time icon Length: 17:33
Photo icon Pics: 322
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Three Teasing Tongues
All three woman bring you to the brink of orgasm and beyond. Lexi Luna, Reagan Lush and Lauren Phillips working together make your balls swell and each to cum. Each take turns teasing and sensually sucking on your cockhead and each one brings you closer and closer to the edge. Your body gets tense with each suck and lick and your sensitive cock explodes warm white goo across all three of there pretty face as you ejaculate in ecstasy form their teasing tongues.
Date icon December 15, 2016
Time icon Length: 16:33
Photo icon Pics: 322
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Taylor May: Pure Passion
Featuring Taylor May
Taylor May grabs the base of your shaft with one hand and slowly jerks it with the other around your sensitive cockhead. Your balls become tense and your entire body becomes stiff as you try to hold out a little longer. Her tongue moves up and around your head carefully, she doesn't want you to cum just yet. When her lips wrap around your hard cock you lose control and shoot your goo across her face while she laps up every last drop.
Date icon December 8, 2016
Time icon Length: 17:33
Photo icon Pics: 321
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Makenna Blue: Unbearable Pleasure
Featuring Makenna Blue
Short haired and toned, Makenna Blue applies constant pressure to your cockhead. She knows this is the mot sensitive part, and she moved her tongue in a rotating motion around your head. Her cruel tongue glides up and down your shaft and it becomes unbearable for you. You want to cum in a big way but your at her complete mercy. Your body shakes and your muscles tense up as you try your best to last longer, but to no avail as your spurt your warm white seed accross her pretty face in ecstacy.
Date icon December 2, 2016
Time icon Length: 17:32
Photo icon Pics: 395
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August Ames: Soft, Slow and Wet
Featuring August Ames
August Ames exposes her already wet pussy an this turns you on in a big way. She moves closer to you and unzips your pants and jerks slowly on your pulsating prick. Her mouth moves closer to your cockhead and she gently glides her tongue across your shaft, stroking it with just her tongue... nice, soft, slow and wet. August keeps sucking gently and feverishly until you spurt your load on her face and beautiful supple tits.
Date icon November 18, 2016
Time icon Length: 16:59
Photo icon Pics: 343
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Candice Dare: Soft Tongue, Minimal Touch
Featuring Candice Dare
You don't know how Candice Dare is going to make you cum. Will she bring you to near orgasm with her soft touch, or will she focus on your sensitive tip? The anticipation turns you on in a big way and you want nothing more than to spurt your seed across her pretty face. But she wont let you cum just yet. Your body quivers and your heart beats faster as she brings you just close to the edge and back again. When Candice wants your creamy load, she will let you know as you try to hold out as long as you can from her incessant teasing.
Date icon November 4, 2016
Time icon Length: 17:55
Photo icon Pics: 324