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Slow Sucking Session - Lovita Fate
Featuring Lovita Fate
The moment Lovita Fate wraps her lips around your big cock, your body trembles. You dont know how long you can last but your most likely going to blow your load in seconds flat with Lovita at the helm. She plays with your balls while stroking your veiny cock. Her energy fixated on one thing and thats making your squirm from her incessant teasing and sucking.
Date icon September 17, 2019
Time icon Length: 17:55
Photo icon Pics: 211
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Karina Kaif: Over the Edge
Featuring Karina Kaif
Who wants a mouth full of your spunk? Karina Kaif does. You may not be able to pronounce her last name but you sure as hell will appreciate her sucking skills. Her teasing skills are also top notch. She gets a chance to show you what her mouth can do in a video so hot it’ll steam up your screen as you watch. Her mouth was made to drain dicks and she does that expertly and effortlessly when she hooks up with you.
Date icon August 21, 2019
Time icon Length: 15:03
Photo icon Pics: 369
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Cock Worship: Anna Mae
Featuring Anna Mae
Teens are so easy, they will do anything for attention but in the case of teen Anna Mae her attention is fixated on your rock hard cock. Her tiny lips wrap around your bulging cockhead. Your balls tense up with every sucking sound she makes. She slobbers and drools on your dick and she just wont stop until she gets what she wants. Your warm white cum spurting out like a geyser.
Date icon July 11, 2019
Time icon Length: 17:03
Photo icon Pics: 322
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Addie Andrews POV: Sensual Touch
Featuring Addie Andrews
Sometimes Addie Andrews likes to wrap her lips around your cockhead, other times she likes to jerk your cock. Whichever you prefer because Addie Andrews is all about teasing you to past the brink. When she glides her tongue up and down your shaft, your most sensitive part, she wont stop until you blast her in the face with your semen. Make no mistake, Addie Andrews is all about the oral game in this TeasePOV video.
Date icon April 3, 2019
Time icon Length: 17:03
Photo icon Pics: 329
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Pre-cum production: Kitty Catherine
Featuring Kitty Catherine
You wont believe how much pre-cum Kitty Catherine extracts form this mans massive dick. Her sensual mix of sucking and tugging make him tremble as precum oozes out of his cockhead. Kitty focuses intently on his balls and works her way up and down his hard shaft, making him beg for a relase. And when she finally makes him spurt his seed his body shakes uncontrollably ads he unloads across her pretty teen face.
Date icon December 6, 2018
Time icon Length: 18:04
Photo icon Pics: 276
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Sheena Ryder: Sensual Sucking
Featuring Sheena Ryder
You've been with girls before but none as ball-hungry as Sheena Ryder. She's a feisty little thing with nothing but cock and balls on her mind. Your dick and nuts, not just any dude’s. She spits on your dick and rubs her spit all over it as she sucks the tip of your manhood. Then without notice, her mouth is back on your balls. She can’t get enough of them. In fact she’s so hungry for them that she growls as she slurps all over them.
Date icon October 25, 2018
Time icon Length: 17:03
Photo icon Pics: 233