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Amia Miley: Sensual Sucking
Featuring Amia Miley
Amia Miley can see in your eyes your turned on in a big way. She takes advantage of you by stripping down, exposing her tight bubble butt and long legs. Your cock throbs as she teases you. Your soon overpowered by her mouth as she sucks feverishly on your cockhead. Sensually stroking it and teasing your tip. Your just too turned on, and with no warning, buckets of warm white seen explodes from your cock.
Date icon June 29, 2017
Time icon Length: 17:39
Photo icon Pics: 307
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Riley Reyes: Not Allowed To Cum
Featuring Riley Reyes
Riley Reyes wants to know all your sweets spots. She wants to focus on that spot you love so much and she wont stop stimulating it until you spurt your salty seed. But Riley also wants to control your mind and body, and she knows its your cockead that she needs to focus intently on. Your not allowed to move as she teases your tip with just one finger, sucks on your throbbing cock and stimulates your shaft until you beg her to cum.
Date icon June 22, 2017
Time icon Length: 15:25
Photo icon Pics: 310
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Quinn Wilde: Close To The Edge
Featuring Quinn Wilde
Quine Wilde wants you cum so hard you might pass out. Her tight body and sexy voice turns you on in a big way, your cock becomes instantly erect the moment she exposed her ass and shimmering legs. She rubs your cockhead for a while, prolonging your pleasure. Her warm mouth sucks on your cock bring you ever so closer to your anticipated orgasm. She brings you close, but just not close enough for your explosion. She wants to extend it, and knows just where your sweets spots are.
Date icon June 1, 2017
Time icon Length: 17:31
Photo icon Pics: 320
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Kat Dior: Extending Your Pleasure
Featuring Kat Dior
Kat Dior says you better not spurt unless its under her command. She gives you a lesson on how to keep you hard cock at the very edge of ejaculation. She wants to extend your pleasure and does so by stroking your cock up and down, following your extruding veins and rubbing around your cock tip. Even as your legs tremble and your body spasms, you must not cum because if you do she will suddenly stop, ruining your epic orgasm in the process.
Date icon May 18, 2017
Time icon Length: 17:48
Photo icon Pics: 329
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Astrid Star: Stimulating but Cruel Game
Featuring Astrid Star
With one soft touch Astrid Star brings your dick and your brain under her control. She strips down naked and teases you with your cock fully out, and fully erect. She moves toward you and gently strokes her finger tips across the backside of your shaft. You cant hold out too long, but Astrid knows just how to bring you back from the brink of organism. She strokes your tip with just one finger, further stimulating your veiny shaft until you have no choice but to surrender and explode buckets of warm white semen.
Date icon April 30, 2017
Time icon Length: 17:37
Photo icon Pics: 321
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Sarah Vandella: Stimulating Your Sensitive Skin
Featuring Sarah Vandella
Sarah Vandella stimulates your sensitive skin with just her tongue - twirling around your throbbing cockhead - she hasn't warped her lips and sucked just yet. She wants to stimulate you, to control you and she knows exactly where your sweet spots are. She teases your for what seems to be hours,when she wraps her lips firmly around your cock, this almost makes you spurt out your warm seed, but Sarah wants to prolongue your pleasure just a bit longer...
Date icon April 7, 2017
Time icon Length: 17:22
Photo icon Pics: 343