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Pressley Carter: Focus On Your Cockhead
Featuring Pressley Carter
Pressley Carter gets comfortable in between your legs as she grabs your meaty cock and starts massaging it with her hands. This sexy babe with an arm full of tattoos is giddy about being up close and personal with your throbbing cock and she expresses her happiness by sticking out her tongue and licking your cock. She licks it up and down before focusing exclusively on the head. The cum-craving vixen slurps up your precum as she strokes the length of your shaft making your toes curl.
Date icon August 19, 2016
Time icon Length: 17:55
Photo icon Pics: 299
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Angel Smalls: Passionate Tease
Featuring Angel Smalls
One look at Angel Smalls and this almost brings to over edge. She's teasing you in a big way by gliding her tongue around your hard shaft. Fully nude, Angel slightly rubs her wet pussy against your cock, grinding it as you feel her wet pussy juices cover your cock. She teases your more, but she doesn't want you you cum yet. You fall into a trance as she controls you, your are at her mercy.
Date icon July 28, 2016
Time icon Length: 17:40
Photo icon Pics: 343
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Rikki Rumor: Touch Of Her Tongue
Featuring Rikki Rumor
Rikki Rumors is a young teen girl that gets off on getting you off. Your cock swells the moment her soft tongue touches it and when she wraps her lips around your cock head, you almost explode right then and there. But Rikki likes teasing you and when your balls get tight, ready to burst, she pulls back just at the right moment, prolonging the tormenting teasing. She swirls her tongue around your head and this sets you off in a major way.
Date icon July 16, 2016
Time icon Length: 16:30
Photo icon Pics: 303
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Elsa Jean: Touchless Orgasm
Featuring Elsa Jean
Your focused on Elsa Jean and nothing else as she grips your pulsating cock. Your legs buckle from under you while she gently stroked you balls and hard dick. Her lips wrap around your cock head and she gently bobs up and down, your dick oozes pre-cum and she laps up up. The anticipation is killing you, but you hold out for more sensual cock teasing. And when Else Jean strokes your sensitive part, your cock erupts buckets of warm white semen while she doesnt even need to jerk your any longer.
Date icon July 6, 2016
Time icon Length: 15:49
Photo icon Pics: 354
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Aspen Ora: Breathtaking Blowjob
Featuring Aspen Ora
Aspen Ora caresses your throbbing cock with her hands before sucking on your cock head. This makes your hard as fuck now, and Aspen loves turning you on this way. She knows where all your sweet spots are and beings you to the brink of orgasm, only to pull back and let your cock throb even longer. When she's ready for you to cum, she will tell you, and the moment she does your cock explodes in her face.
Date icon June 29, 2016
Time icon Length: 15:30
Photo icon Pics: 322
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Roxy Nicole: Soft Lips On Your Cock Head
Featuring Roxy Nicole
Roxy Nicole wants to wrap her lips around your cock head and your cock immediately swells in anticipation. You know the blonde teen loves sucking dicks, and you know she wont stop until your spurt your cum load across her face. Your knees buckle the moment her tongue touched your sensitive tip. She knows all your sweet spots and glides her tongue down your hard shaft. Your ready to explode, but you try hold out as long as you can. Her tormenting teasing is too much for you, and your throbbing dick erupts buckets of semen all over the place.
Date icon June 7, 2016
Time icon Length: 16:55
Photo icon Pics: 328