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Addie Andrews POV: Sensual Touch
Featuring Addie Andrews
Sometimes Addie Andrews likes to wrap her lips around your cockhead, other times she likes to jerk your cock. Whichever you prefer because Addie Andrews is all about teasing you to past the brink. When she glides her tongue up and down your shaft, your most sensitive part, she wont stop until you blast her in the face with your semen. Make no mistake, Addie Andrews is all about the oral game in this TeasePOV video.
Date icon April 3, 2019
Time icon Length: 17:03
Photo icon Pics: 329
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Pre-cum production: Kitty Catherine
Featuring Kitty Catherine
You wont believe how much pre-cum Kitty Catherine extracts form this mans massive dick. Her sensual mix of sucking and tugging make him tremble as precum oozes out of his cockhead. Kitty focuses intently on his balls and works her way up and down his hard shaft, making him beg for a relase. And when she finally makes him spurt his seed his body shakes uncontrollably ads he unloads across her pretty teen face.
Date icon December 6, 2018
Time icon Length: 18:04
Photo icon Pics: 276
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Sheena Ryder: Sensual Sucking
Featuring Sheena Ryder
You've been with girls before but none as ball-hungry as Sheena Ryder. She's a feisty little thing with nothing but cock and balls on her mind. Your dick and nuts, not just any dude’s. She spits on your dick and rubs her spit all over it as she sucks the tip of your manhood. Then without notice, her mouth is back on your balls. She can’t get enough of them. In fact she’s so hungry for them that she growls as she slurps all over them.
Date icon October 25, 2018
Time icon Length: 17:03
Photo icon Pics: 233
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Angelica Cruz: Cum Coaxer
Featuring Angelica Cruz
Your most sensitive area of your cock is the underside of your cockhead. Angelica Cruz knows this, and focuses intently on that specific area and she wont stop until she gets her salty seed from your swollen balls. When she squeezed the base of your shaft, this almost made you cum but she pulled back at just the right moment. When you do cum, you will shoot the biggest cumload you've ever had.
Date icon August 20, 2018
Time icon Length: 16:49
Photo icon Pics: 302
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Holly Hendrix: On the Edge
Featuring Holly Hendrix
Pint sized teen Holly Hendrix will keep you on the edge and make you crazy. Her tiny hands grip the base of your thick cock and she focus her attention on your head. The moment she wraps her little lips around your bulging head is the moment you feel like your going to explode. But you hold out for more, as long as you can until you spurt that warm seed across her pretty little face.
Date icon July 19, 2018
Time icon Length: 16:49
Photo icon Pics: 180
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Taylor Pierce: Morning Blowjob
Featuring Taylor Pierce
Taylor Pierce is always game to make you cum even in the AM and when she starts sucking your already hard tip, it feels like you might cum instantly. But Taylor wants to prolong your pleasure by gliding her moist tongue up and down your shaft, all the wy to the tip. Precum oozes out, a sure sign shes going to make your cum crazy hard.
Date icon July 14, 2018
Time icon Length: 15:25
Photo icon Pics: 211