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Lola Bellastar: Aching to Ejaculate
Featuring Lily Rader
Lola glides her soft tongue across your sensitive cock. You feel her tongue tenderly lick the backside of your throbbing cock. She is ready to wrap her lips around it you see it fits nicely around your cock head. She bobs up and down until your urge to ejaculate takes over. She finishes you off by licking the white fluid around your stomach.
Date icon April 19, 2016
Time icon Length: 15:38
Photo icon Pics: 221
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Christina Shine: Passionate Suck
Featuring Christina Shine
Your body shakes as Christina strokes your pulsating cock. She grabs your balls with one hand and strokes your shaft with the other. This brings you close to the brink but she wraps her lips around your cock just as your about to explode. Your legs quiver as you cant take the teasing any longer. She finally allows your release and your spurt in a big way.
Date icon March 23, 2016
Time icon Length: 13:33
Photo icon Pics: 250
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Jade Jantzen: Extraordinary Tantric Orgasm
Featuring Jade Jantzen
Your legs go weak as Jade Jantzen slowly teases your cock while your body loses control. She glides your cock with her fingers slowly and brings you to the edge only to be bright back again. You are no longer in control and Jade will decide when you will cum.
Date icon March 21, 2016
Time icon Length: 15:22
Photo icon Pics: 302
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Cali Carter: Craving for a Release
Featuring Cali Carter
Cali has her fingers fixed on your throbbing cock and her tongue strokes your shaft up and down. You crave a cum release like never before. Cali slides your cock in her mouth and wraps her lips around your sensitive cock head. This finally brings you over the brink of an intense orgasm.
Date icon March 21, 2016
Time icon Length: 16:00
Photo icon Pics: 314
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Vicki Vallen: Skilled Toungue
Featuring Vicki Vallen
Vicky squeezes out your pre-cum as she caresses your blue balls. This turns you on so much you beg her to let you cum. She can feel your cock pulsating and this prompts her to slide your cock in her mouth. She is focused on giving you oral pleasure but doesn't want to to spurt your seed just yet.
Date icon March 17, 2016
Time icon Length: 14:03
Photo icon Pics: 298
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Zoey Valez: Ultimate Cum Control
Featuring Zoey Valez
Zoey slips her mouth around your throbbing cock head and this almost brings you to the point of no return. Your so close to climaxing but Zoey pulls back just at the right moment. Shes in complete control and this equally turns her on. After you plead with her she sucks on your cock and wont stop sucking until you explode.
Date icon March 16, 2016
Time icon Length: 16:58
Photo icon Pics: 318